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For many years, I have consulted one on one with clients on wellness of the mind body & spirit, self esteem building, self confidence, healthy eating and living your best life on every level.

I have now taken some of the best information that has assisted my clients to change their lives, prioritise self care, build self esteem and embrace wellness and I have combined it into six unique webinars that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

This is a unique program that can assist you to improve all areas of your life - body, mind and spirit.The best way that you can show love to your family and friends is to practice self care. I offer this webinar series in support of your inner peace and sincerely wish you wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Warmest wishes always -

Jo Ettles

Wellness tips - Empowering lifestyle exercises - Motivating information
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Jo Ettles

Video 1
Make Peace with your body
Make changes not excuses
Creating a wellness journal
Managing food cravings
Listen to your body
Remove harmful foods
Embrace healthy habits

Video 2

Making positive change
Practicing self care
Creating a lifestyle plan

Video 3
Change from dieting to embracing wellness
Little changes daily add up to big lifestyle changes
Simply sensational food choices
Super herbs & spices + nutrients

Video 4

Positive self talk
Self esteem building

Video 5
Stress management techniques that include -
Calming foods
Create a stress free environment

Video 6

Bringing all you have learn't together
Top tips to keep you motivated and on track

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