Give your child the gift of inner peace

We are all well informed now a days of the importance of daily exercise and good nutrition as a way to support a healthy productive life but more often than not, nourishing and supporting the mind as a way of creating wellness is overlooked.

I began practicing meditation daily in my early forties and I have to say, it has changed my life. The profound effect it has had on my health and my state of mind is nothing short of life changing. Once upon a time, I was easily overwhelmed. I lived in a rainbow of chaos. After practicing meditation daily now for some twelve years, I can happily say, I have found my calm amongst the chaos.

My son was ten years old when I began meditating. Like any normal mother, I was committed to ensuring he was happy, healthy and most importantly loved. Healthy food, regular exercise, play, education, boundaries, these were the foundations that I felt would ground my son and support him as an adult. If I could turn back time, I would definitely have introduced one more practice into his daily routine as a child. I would have gifted my beautiful son back then with the key that unlocks our souls, our minds and our hearts – that is meditation.

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