She is my fairy godmother

“Jo and I found each other in 2013 when I was working in a high pressure job that I loved, and having complications half way through my pregnancy. Her healing advice to me originated via a family member, we had never met and I wasn’t seeking support. What Jo said was everything I needed to hear to wake up to the fact that I required intuitive coaching to support the health of my baby.

She guided me on my energy needs and how to face the reality of what I really needed to focus on. She provided practical spiritual healing that enabled me to refocus on my health, gain courage get through a long period in hospital, and embrace the overwhelming happiness of the successful arrival of our beautiful daughter.

I feel better physically and mentally every time Jo and I talk. She is my fairy godmother.”

Julie Struber  – Queensland

Jo is a beautiful gentle soul with a totally overwhelming gift

“Last week I finally had an intuitive reading with Jo Ettles. I had procrastinated about it for a while but after hearing about all of my friends incredible experiences with Jo, I bit the bullet and had a session. It was amazing. She doesn’t pull any punches and tells it like it is.Her accuracy in reading my energy and interpreting my current life experiences were astounding and her messages from spirit were also very accurate although that didn’t over shadow the reading. This whole session was all about me seeing my way forward. I loved my reading/ session. It motivated me, it gave me clarity, it bought me peace and I left feeling clear, refreshed, light and ready to make serious changes in my life. Jo is a beautiful gentle soul with a totally overwhelming gift that truly changes lives.
I wanted the session to go all afternoon. 2 hours went in a heartbeat. Do yourself a favour and book a session right now if you need guidance.”

Claire F – Canada

Powerful words delivered with such heartfelt sincerity

I had the great privilege of hearing you speak at a motivational event in QLD. ( I was actually working at the event as a waiter). You spoke on decluttering your life. Your words had a profound effect on me and I have completely done a 360 degree turnaround on prioritising what is important on a daily basis. Thank you for the timely reminder. Powerful words delivered with such heartfelt sincerity.
Jason P. Nth Qld 

WOW! Mind-blowing is an understatement

I read your book The Shed and loved it so much. I then booked a Skype session and had a 2 hour reading. WOW! Mind-blowing is an understatement. I felt so much better after the session. I felt clearer, lighter and the reading gave me a clearness that I have never felt before. Every piece of information you gave me was profoundly accurate and there is no way you could have access to such personal information about me without a higher power guiding you.This was really a wonderful experience for me.
Many thanks – Michael Aiden-Smith – New York 

Beyond Amazing Session

I recently had a session with Jo Ettles at The Bolands Centre in Cairns while I was visiting from New South Wales. I mainly booked because I was struggling to find direction in my business and I also felt terribly stuck and stale in all areas of my life. Jo was recommended to me by a friend who had experienced a huge shift in her business after a session with Jo.. Initially I thought that 2 hours would be way too long for me but my goodness, the time flew and I wanted to keep going. It was so amazing. Jo read my energy, pointed out all of the blocks that were stopping me from seeing my way forward and also gave me the most profound and accurate messages from spirit.  She bought through messages from my mum who has passed and I know for certain that mum is guiding and watching over me.  I was given clear and confident direction in my business and my life and I left feeling so incredibly  connected to my beautiful mum. This was a life changing session. Thank you Jo.

Angelica C. T  New South Wales

I can feel my dad around me now

I had been grieving over the loss of my dad for what seemed like for ever and then I had a session with Jo. After we cleared away all the stuff I was hanging onto that was making me so sad, I felt like I could feel my father again around me. I am so grateful to you Jo for helping me feel and see that dad is still with me.
Mitchell K. Victoria

You are an earth angel

This was such a beautiful session. I had no idea what to expect but I went along with an open heart and received so much guidance,wisdom,love, messages from spirit as well as support. You are an earth angel Jo
Tahlia Perth W.A

Eternally grateful

It was like you looked into my soul Jo and saw all the baggage and made me unpack it and then get rid of it. I feel light again. Eternally grateful to have found you.
Mandy B – Perth

Thankfully my wife made me go to your session

I am blown away. I never expected to have had so many massive shifts in 2 hours. I have been to life coaches and had many sessions and I was still struggling. 1 session with you and I am ready to live the life I have been dreaming of.
Graeme W. Cairns North QLD

I feel calm, clear, focused and ready for anything

Since our session, I feel calm, clear, focused and ready for anything. I now understand why our vibration is so important. I am forever committed to a high vibration. Like attracts like.It is with a grateful heart that I write this testimonial. I felt so overwhelmed before my session with you. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my soul.So much to release and so glad I have released it. Thank you Jo.
Kirsten S. W.A

You are an amazing woman Jo

Thank you Jo for my sessions. I finally get why I am not moving forward with my life. I feel ready and open to create an abundant life. So much to clear out. I could never have done this without you. Thankyou for everything. You are an amazing woman.
Peta W. NSW

I feel lighter

Thank you Jo for the beautiful healing session today. I cant even begin to explain how light and happy I feel like I have let go of so much negativity. Sorry I left it all in your office! I feel amazing. I will be back again for another mind, body, spirit detox soon.
Karen P. QLD

You have changed my life Jo

I wish I had met you years ago. You have changed my life.
Sara E. QLD

Jo is an exceptionally gifted intuitive

Jo is both an exceptionally gifted intuitive consultant and a deeply loving and giving spiritual teacher. I can say without reservation and with so much sincerity, that her sessions will change the lives of anyone who is truly ready to make a shift- Thankyou Jo
Corrine D – Townsville QLD

I highly recommend Jo Ettles

I first met Jo in 2008 when I was referred to her for a wellness consultation. As soon as I met Jo, I knew I could trust her and I felt like she could see right into my soul. Her intuition and assessment of my life at that point was spot on and Jo helped me to release a lot of sadness after losing my mum to cancer. I almost felt like she had reconnected us. I felt lighter after working with Jo and I felt like my pathway forward was open and clear after working with her.If you are stuck, overwhelmed and want some clarity about how to move forward, book a session with Jo ASAP.
Petra Q -Perth W.A